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How To Know Ceramic Type

Knowing Ceramic Type
Ceramics are often part of an inseparable house. Ceramics can also beautify the house itself. If you want to build a house with ceramics made as part of a house, it’s good to know and understand the type of ceramics. To be consistent with function and placement at home.
A. Types of ceramic tiles basically consist of two types:
• Which has a ceramic layer of glass (shiny); It is a type of ceramic which is mostly in the market for floor and wall applications. GLAZING coating is applied with high temperature so that it blends with ceramic body. The coating is what makes the design and texture of ceramic motifs. GLAZING Ceramic coating is made of waterproof, flame retardant and easy to clean because it is very dense and not porous.
• Homoeious without glass ceramic lining; This type of ceramics is now increasingly trending with various designs. No coating is applied to the ceramic. The main ingredient of mixing and ceramic motifs is done since the beginning of the body that occurred before the formation of unity between the surface color with the back.
B. Ceramic body Color
Many distributors and consumers think that white ceramic body is better than red, but this is not entirely true. More dependent on the quality of the ceramic production process, the density and strength of ceramic press in body color. Color only shows the color of the raw material used by clay.
C. Uniformity of color and size
Actually refers to the provision of uniform size and color of ceramics. These differences can occur due to production and combustion processes. Manufacturers will classify these differences in quality control and packing.
D. Ceramic surface
There are several types of ceramic surfaces whether or not to wear glass coatings.
Sleek and slippery. Can be used for wall tiles or floor tiles in the room.
Matte/Matte. Suitable for a wide range of applications not only slick and shiny. The house is commonly used with minimalist design.
Coarse textured. Suitable for bathroom floor, carport or open space that is often exposed to heat and rain. This tile type is not slippery even if exposed to water.
Sophisticated. Ceramic surfaces are very elbow on the four sides. This type of ceramics is cut after combustion process. In terms of price is more expensive than ceramic does not cut.