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Smart Tips and solutions to build ladders

Tips and solutions to build ladders
In building a ladder, the solution should circumvent the narrow space.
As building elements, stairs can have different shapes and uses. In architecture, stairs have a standard size. The howeve, needs to be adjusted to the body size of the anotomy people living in the house. The high footing ranges from 15cm, 17.5 cm, and 18.5 cm. Or between 19cm-20cm for a large-footed user.
The width of stairs varies. Starting from 75cm, 90cm, 100cm even by adjusting the room area. Minimum and maximum scale should be adjusted to your comfort when stepping on stairs.
Currently the ladder design is constantly changing along with the needs of space and lifestyle of homeowners. Equipment may be exposed more creatively and as an alternative to light trails. Ceiling stairs are made transparent, then the gap is left open to facilitate the light illuminating the room.
Well, in building a ladder, there are three considerations that you should know.
1. Placement Ladder must be installed
Placements are easily accessible and do not block traffic. It is not wasting another room. If necessary, the ladder only becomes a solution to circumvent the narrow space. For example, the ladder becomes a barrier between spaces so there is no need to partition or wall separation that is commonly used to divide the room.
2. Robust construction
Construction of stairs must be strong. Strong accept the burden of people and goods carry it, shakes under the heavy burden of buildings, as well as the construction material load ladder itself.
3. Build the functional ladder
Intelligent design meant to be tricky. Design can be attributed to simple, not crowded ornaments, and easy constructed construction. The complexity of design and shape of construction will impact the cost and time of processing