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Outdoor Fireplace, An Idea to Make Your House More Beautiful

In general, the fireplace is constructed and placed inside the house. So the nature of the fireplace is an indoor building. Yet modern design continues to evolve, making a lot of innovations about the placement of the fireplace. The fireplace does not have to be inside the house. A fireplace can be placed in outdoor areas. You can put an outdoor fireplace around the park on the side or behind your home. An outdoor fireplace will probably be a trend in the future.

Putting outdoor fireplace outdoors will make your home look more attractive. The placement of the outdoor fireplace can be unique and become the appeal of your home. You can put for example in a garden part near behind your home. You can also bring your TV with the addition of a fireplace TV stand. Make sure you have an elongated wall partition in the area near the outdoor fireplace. This is to anticipate the blowing of the wind that will interfere with the fiery fireplace outdoor flame.

Outdoor Fireplace usually has a smaller hearth hole, this is done to keep the flame stable in it. You can put some chairs and tables in the outdoor area that you can use to warm yourself up and drink a cup of coffee when you enjoy the heat of the fire in front of the outdoor fireplace. Don’t forget to close the fireplace with a fireplace cover when not in use.

Outdoor Fireplace that augments the beautiful garden behind your home area will make an appeal for your friends and relatives who visit the house. You can entertain them in the area of the garden in a winter situation without fear of freezing because there is already an outdoor fireplace there. The existence of an outdoor fireplace will produce its own sensation, when one night you are outside the house to enjoy the sky and star clusters in the sky, you can warm yourself up near your own fireplace outdoor. You can equip with fireplace mantels which are widely available in the market.

In business, the economic value of the house, the addition of an outdoor fireplace to a house will increase its economic value to higher. The selling value of the house is usually attributed to the uniqueness of the house. The more unique the economic value will be higher. If you are a person who has a hobby buying and selling property, of course, this will be very beneficial to you. You can hire a reputable designer or architect or you can take design inspiration from magazines or the Internet to be able to implement outdoor fireplace ideas to build your home. The value of investment outdoor fireplace development will pay off multiplied when you sell the house at a much more expensive price. The addition of fireplace electric will make it look luxurious.

In building an outdoor fireplace you should pay attention to some things. One is the location of your home. If the location of your home in the hilly area then there is a tendency higher wind speed compared to the flat plains area. This should you anticipate by designing a more secure partition for the outdoor fireplace of your home. Another thing you should look at is the location of plants or bushes in the outdoor area of your house whether adjacent to the outdoor place. If yes then you have to be careful, when the summer of the twig tree and the bush grass will become dry. A sprinkling of small flames from the outdoor fireplace will be able to easily burn the trees and bushes so it will cause a severe fire. So place the outdoor fireplace away from the trees or bush grass in the outdoor area of your house, so that your house is safe from fire. Fireplace stone materials can withstand hot flames.

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Patio Furniture Ideas Suitable for Your Home

Patio Furniture ideas can be found in the media or from your experience when visiting your friend’s house. The backyard garden terrace is often used by people to relax and gather with their family or friends. The atmosphere of the garden is cool and beautiful add people at home to linger in the garden behind the house. In the morning you can find the sunlight that starts appearing when you sit in the chair behind your home garden. If your backyard garden has a swimming pool, you can put your beloved teak wood chair right next to the swimming pool while looking at the pool water. Next to the seat, you can place a small table to be able to put food or coffee. This is where you should pay attention to the furniture selection suitable for your home garden. You must remember that this is an outdoor area so you have to choose furniture that is resistant to hot weather or weather changes during the rainy season. The selection of suitable furniture can improve the garden quality of your home. So when there’s a guest or family remotely visiting your house, your home garden will look more elegant with the proper selection of outdoor patio furniture.

Suitable color furniture

Usually, when you buy furniture, its color is uniform, especially if you buy a patio furniture set. The selection of suitable color paint furniture will make your home garden feel more solid and of course more pleasing to the eye. Generally for outdoor areas are used bright colors, but avoid shiny colors because during the day the shiny colors will make the eyes become glare due to the reflection of the sunlight. Actually, dark colors can also be chosen but you have to be selective about dark colors. Choose a natural impression such as a brown color that approaches the color of the wood. Wood color will give a deeper natural impression to your furniture. Colors like the dominant bamboo color have a green color you can also choose. Light green color like leaf color can also be used for additional accessories color for furniture. Some people love to use bright colors such as white color for the color of the umbrella in the garden area. It is not a problem because the white color will reflect light. Try you check patio furniture at Home Depot, maybe you found the idea.

Make a floor plan Patio furniture Plan your home

The terrace of the house that serves as an area to relax and interact with your family and friends should be planned with the selection of the proper outdoor patio furniture. Furniture selection should be adjusted to the condition of your home garden. For example, whether the garden soil conditions are flat or wavy. Of course, this will affect the selection of the shape and type of furniture that should adjust the condition in the field. Similarly, the garden area of the house is just how spacious the park is. This will greatly affect the shape of the furniture and the amount. Then make a plan of the proper furniture placement according to the type of furniture that will be placed in the park. This plan is very important for mapping the position anywhere and what will be placed in the area. If you intend to buy furniture for a home garden is an absolute thing for you to make a floor plan first. So you easily map and then make a list of what furniture needs you must buy. The park Area which has the proper formation of furniture placement will have higher accessibility. If your children play in the park then they run, so that improper furniture placement will lead to good things suppose such as experiencing injury and others. For materials you can use teak wood that is resistant to weather or rattan material that also has the power to withstand extreme weather. Material selection of furniture is important because you will use the furniture for a long period of time. Another alternative of furniture materials that you can use for the outdoor rooms are materials from such as iron or uPVC material. If you choose material from iron Make sure that it has a stainless steel coating so that it is rusty resistant. For materials such as uPVC, you can layer it with anti-sunlight paint so it will become more durable. Furniture located in the outdoor area should also be closed when not in use, use a quality patio furniture covers.


Backyard Design Ideas, How to design a nice backyard

One of the favorite places in the house is the back area of the house. Then you need a backyard design ideas. The backyard area of the house is generally used as a relaxing place, consisting of a garden equipped with tables and chairs furniture. This place is a favorite for many people because in this place you can get rid of your fatigue after a long day while sitting down a coffee relax enjoy the green view of the grass on the back of the house, you feel Own Backyard café.

Thus design the parts by taking a reference to backyard design ideas will be something that is very interesting for you. Because you designed one of your own favorite places when you are at home. You can combine many design concepts to beautify the back area of your home with a blend of art and exterior architecture with an attractive landscape.

Below we’ll give some tips you can do before you design the backyard area of your home

Vegetation variations

It is incomplete if the Backyard garden area of your home is no vagetation that is there. At least for the home backyard, you should plant some sort of grass field to make it look green and fresh. Actually the grass can be bought flexibly. You can plant the original grass that is sold per roll or per meter then you plant along the back area of your house. Or you can also buy synthetic grass that is very similar to the original grass, sheet-shaped, and then you overlay in the back area of your house to meet the garden area to make it look green and fresh.

To complete backyard design, plant options you can utilize in a wide range of sizes adjusting to the plants you will choose. Plants such as small palms or small trees you can choose to plant in the pot and then put to decorate the back area of your home. Another variation that is no less interesting you can add colorful flowers then you plant in the back corners of the house.

Expanding the patio area

As one of the complementary parts of a house at the back, backyard facades should be in your home. The patio will complement the back of your house as a place where you put outdoor furniture such as tables or chairs to relax. The shape of the patio doesn’t have to be too big so you design it without a roof. Or you can also design by using a kind of decorative umbrella for outdoor so that freely you can move it.

Beautiful garden Lights

The existence of the garden lights as an ornament of the backyard area of the house will be able to beautify the garden behind the house especially in the afternoon or evening. The garden lights can be placed in the middle or side of the garden. You can choose shapes such as the rounded shape of the lights that are in the center of the park, you can also innovate by placing the latest model lights that are the rectangular shape that you can place in a row.

Addition of wood ornaments and gazebo

If you have a large area back of the house, you can add a box-shaped wooden ornament that you can plant with a plant that spreads. In the middle or part of the side, you can build a Gazebo made of wood. Backyard Gazebo will be able to beautify the garden back area of your home. There is also a Gazebo where you can sit and relax.

By Backyard design ideas You can add to the idea above, or any other idea that you might have got your own imagination, suppose those backyard ideas with pool if the back area of your house is quite spacious.


Plan Your Outdoor Furniture in the right design

Your home page will feel less complete if there is no furniture. Imagine in front of the swimming pool behind your house, there is an outdoor rattan furniture, how beautiful your yard is now. The presence of outdoor furniture in your house will beautify and provide aesthetic value that makes your home look elegant.

The selection of furniture for outdoor is certainly slightly different from indoor furniture. For outdoor furniture will usually be combined with elements such as the flower garden plants that are around the park outside the house. By designing your own and choosing the type of outdoor furniture for your home you can already save the cost you spend to pay for designers who usually design the outside of the house.

There are several aspects that you should consider before choosing furniture for the outdoor part of the house:

Check available options

You can check in online for suppose Furniture warehouse, there are some options of outdoor furniture that you can choose. Of course this should be adjusted to the needs of the furniture that you want to fill the order area.

Try to look back and walk in the outdoor area of your home. And estimate what items or furniture you need, so they must be there. Also check your home layouts, from those images you can doodle or describe in more detail on any part and what furniture should be there. Estimate whether for example you need outdoor furniture plastic or other.


The outdoor position is closely related to the climatic conditions and weather areas around your home. Therefore, the type of material used for furniture outdoor area will determine the level of durability of the furniture.

If you want furniture made from wood materials, it is better to choose a type of wood material that has a high level of hardness so that they withstand the extreme weather. Choose the kind of wood such as wood fir teak and others.

At this time, there are many manufacturers who have made a type of material for furniture that is very similar to the shape of color and texture with the original wood. The ingredients could be derived from a PVC or UPVC material. Or can wear metal outdoor furniture so as to reduce the risk of damage furniture there is weather drastically.

If you still want to use material from wood materials for outdoor furniture, you can use outdoor furniture covers as furniture protectors.

Plan more mature

Before you start to buy and design outdoor parts of your house by installing furniture in the area. It’s a good idea to make plans. Plan the layout design by how to draw it on paper so you will definitely get the furniture position of the furniture type and the amount in detail. Just think about whether the example should be polywood outdoor furniture for that area..?

Similarly, with the cost budget you need to write in detail according to the one in the image you have created above. Thus you already have a clear and mature picture of what furniture you need to beautify the outdoor area of your home.