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The Best Home Accessories Decor for Your House

A neat and beautiful house that is unsightly, the eyes will make our minds brighter, this will affect our mental condition that will be healthier and more vibrant. To make the house more beautiful and nice to be seen we need home accessories decor to be installed at home.


The mirror should not be identical to the make up space. However at this time the mirror and also used for home accessories decor. One of the main functions of the mirror in the room is to give the reflection effect of light so that the room will become brighter. In addition, mirrors will make the room feel wider. You can place mirrors in places you like. Suppose on the wall near the entrance of the house, in the Bordes stairs, or in the exit area to the garden behind the house.


Tiny Small pillow accessories with certain colors you can place on a sofa living room. A small pillow with orange color For example will make the Rungan brighter. These pillows can give you variations and beautify the room in your house. Your pillow themes Customize yourself. Suppose a pillow with a variety of forms such as fruit form or picture of the movie people Avengers and others that you can get in the home accessories store.

Fine scented Candles

Besides being identical to something romantic, candles can also be a useful homekit accessories decor. Apart from being well-regarded because it has a romantic side, it turns out that there is a type of wax that has a certain fragrance that can spread throughout the room. The scent that is excreted in this candle varies according to the taste that you can choose. The aroma of fruits or flowers can be selected to make the room fresh with natural scent. Decorating a room with candles is a viable option you should consider. You can put it at the table or in the corner of the room where there is rather minimal light you can place there.

Floral Accessories

Flowers do not necessarily have to be identical to women, despite the fact. Flowers can be a unique home accessories. Flowers with an attractive vase can be placed at the table or in corners of the room that has not been filled accessories. In these times today flowers do not have to be natural flowers but can also use synthetic flowers, to be more durable and easy to maintain. The colorful flowers provide a more natural and fresh room atmosphere.

Table Lamp

The desk lamp is very identical to the bedroom. A desk lamp is indeed a mandatory object in the bedroom. However, there is no problem if you put a table lamp in the living room or kitchen area. This will embellish your room so as to provide different variations. Nowadays there are various shapes and types of lamps that can be placed on the table. Of course, you have to adjust the size of the lamp with the table in your house. There is a rounded box-shaped and other times it provides variations and options that you can use for accessories on your home desk. Try to check the shop at home accessories online to get the idea and the price.

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How to make your apartment better

make your apartment better
How do we choose a theme to create more than one apartment unit? What are the three themes that can unite? Or just one, a single theme. Of course, for small apartment units, one theme will be more focused than many themes. The technical process will be easier.
Kartini interior designer Sjarif warns, determination of basic design themes can be the whole process of making more than one apartment unit. The theme design affects the layout of space, application materials, and color selection. The theme is also later revealed in lighting patterns throughout the space. Includes shapes and colors of furniture, accessories, and other trinkets.
Here are tips on design setups that can help you:
Who will stay in the unit? Not only quantity, but also age. Detailed information on this will affect the design solutions per room and grouping of activities.
Select a design theme. The more themes, costs and energy you spend to make it happen. Many themes usually make the room lose focus.
Impose priorities. What area of focus is most important to you? Bedroom, kitchen or living room? Decide based on your needs. Priorities are important, especially if you have limited funds.
Is the turn of the floor. That’s if your apartment floor starts to break down. If still good, save it. Even if you change the floor, you need to ask the manager for the floor demolition procedure. Particularly the bathroom floor ought to be covered with water-proof material.
Optimize the angle. The remaining space at a certain angle can be used as a storage container of goods. For example, a niche wall as storage. Additionally, underneath the bed, under the sofa, or the dining room of the foot table. The cabinets constantly get to the ceiling functioning as the shelf saves infrequently used items.
Make a color accent. Especially if the wall of the room feels monotonous. Apply to the most specific fields. The atmosphere of the room will live.
Don’t forget the mirror. Mirrors can create an impressive narrow space loose. You can finish the mirror with Trim, frame, or wooden panels so neat and beautiful.
Avoid much isolation. Bulkhead will make the room jam and inhibit the flow of air and light. If you are forced to use a partition, you can choose glass or translucent shelves.
Avoid excessive Sky games. Flat ceilings are easier to build from the drop ceiling or ceiling upward. In addition, the building ceiling  “up and down ” requires an additional charge. You better allocate costs to the needs of others. Reduce Lis potentially storing dust.
If the wall more characters. Apply Wallcover, panel, glass, even natural stone. Wall panels can replace a Headboard that can be used as a bed.
apartment design furniture home interior

The Right Way Hunting Furniture

Way to Hunting Furniture
It takes time and effort to hunt furniture likes.There is a certain satisfaction to have the furniture to your liking. How fitting Furniture hunting Tips?
A room will look attractive if there is a suitable furniture. It is not easy to set up the styled space. For that to fit the wishes of homeowners should be intelligent in your choice.
It takes time and energy to hunt furniture to suit the wishes of homeowners. If choosing or buying a particular room will look narrow, messy, and of course unsightly. Well, here is the trick of hunting furniture likes. Consider the following tricks.
• Coming to the furniture exhibition held a lot. Because usually in many exhibitions are held on sale or discounts or special offers are interesting.
• If it comes to exhibitions, shop around for a moment and ask for the following price specifications. Compare which one is most appropriate and meet your criteria.
• Better if you have a shadow looking for a furniture model of what it takes, who wants to put furniture, as well as functions tailored to the needs.
• Don’t ‘ be blinded ‘ with a variety of attractive models and enticing discounts. Because you may not need it and it is not suitable to be placed indoors.
• It doesn’t hurt to register your address or give you a card company that showcases furniture. Ask them to send you brochures or catalog items for sale or just information about new products. Thus the scope of your knowledge of furniture, the trend of central models, and so will be wider and allow you to define the concept of space as a whole.
Hopefully the above information of furniture hunting tricks is useful for you. Maybe you find furniture and suit your room. Happy hunting.
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How to choose the right/ good plant for apartment

How to choose the right good plant for apartment
If you think you cannot plant anything in the apartment, you have to change your mind. You still could see the colorful flowers or seeing something green in it. However, you need to learn the types of plants that suit to apartment. Since space and sunlight are limited, it is better to choose the plants carefully. Here are some things to consider before you choose:
Healthy value
If you desire to stay healthy, you can grow chamomile and Echinacea. They boost your immune, especially if you put it in tea. Another good plant for apartments related to giving the health benefits to you is peace lilies. It could remove the toxins from the air. It is possible to get indoor air pollution and to grow it helps you to inhale the fresh air. 
Love to contribute to conservation
Once you plant something, the butterflies and bees come over. Undirectly, you help them to keep existing in this world. You may plant some colorful flowers like rose and lily to attract them. Jasmine is another choice to make the apartment smells good. 
Urban food movement
Urban farming movement makes people grow their own. If your goal, is it, you may find a plant that suitable for your daily foods. The simple food plant to grow is tomato, chili, paprika, strawberry, and cabbage. You do not have a large space to grow them. 
Most of the herbs can be planted indoors. Although the under space is limited, you still can hang them on the wall. In dark areas, find the low light plants. For example, it is moth orchids and Boston Ferns. Since they are pretty, find the great spot to appear them. There are not only small plants to grow; you also could grow a tree. A tree in apartment looks great without large space. European olives and fishtail palms are an example. Make them in bonsai style. 
Finding the right plants for the apartment is not difficult. You have to find the reason to grow and check the characteristic of the plants. Put the low light plants in the darker area, including the bathroom. Every side in the apartment can be the plants’ habitat. You also can modify furniture as a place to put the plants. Therefore, your apartment will keep tidy and neat. Do not forget to treat them every day, except if you plant a cactus. It does not need much attention from you.